Research of the Influence of Temperature Factor on Express Control of Natural Gas Combustion Heat
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combustion heat, natural gas, propane-butane mixture, combustion, flame temperature, thermoconverter, express control, laboratory bench, computer simulation.

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Seredyuk, O. E., & Malisevich, N. M. (2020). Research of the Influence of Temperature Factor on Express Control of Natural Gas Combustion Heat. Metrology and Instruments, (2), 44-50.


The article is devoted to the study of the influence of the qualitative and quantitative composition of gas environments on the flame temperature of the combusted gas at different values of gas flow rate and changes volume ratio gas-air in its combustion. The functional scheme of the developed labo­ratory stand (Fig. 1), which provides temperature measurement during combustion of natural gas or propane-butane mixture, is considered. The design of the developed burner is described and the expe­rimental researches are carried out when measuring the flame temperature of the combusted gas during the operation of the laboratory stand. The opera­ting conditions of different thermocouples in measuring the temperature of the flared gas are investigated (Fig. 2). The temperature instability in the lower and upper flames was experimentally determined (Fig. 3) and its difference from the reference data [12, 13]. The measurement of the flame temperature with

a uncased thermocouple and two thermocouples of different types with protective housings is reali­zed. Methodical error of temperature measurement by different thermocouples was estimated (Fig. 5). An algorithm for the implementation of measurement control in determining the heat of combustion of natural gas according to the patented method is outlined [11]. Experimental studies of temperature changes of combusted gas mixtures at different gas flow rates and different ratios with air, which is additionally supplied for gas combustion, were carried out (Figs. 4, 7). The computer simulation (Figs. 6, 8) of the change in the flame temperature was performed on the basis of the experimental data, which allowed to obtain approximate equations of the functional dependence of the flame temperature on the gas flow rate and the ratio of the additional air and gas consumption. The possibility of realization of the device of express control of the heating value of natural gas by measuring the combustion temperature of the investigated gases, which is based on the expe­rimentally confirmed increase in the flame temperature of the investigated gases with increasing their calorific value, is substantiated (Fig. 9). The necessity of further investigation of the optimization design characteristics of the burner and the operating conditions of combustion of the gases under rapid cont­rol of their combustion heat was established (Fig. 9).
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