Metrological Activity At the Enterprise
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unity of measurements, measuring equipment, metrological confirmation, calibration, verification.

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Dziabenko, O. M. (2020). Metrological Activity At the Enterprise. Metrology and Instruments, (2), 40-43.


When organizing metrological activity at an enterprise, the question arises of the need to organize verification (metrological confirmation) of measuring equipment that is not used in the field of legislatively regulated.

In the international standards «Quality Management Systems» (ISO 9001, EN 9100, AQAP-2110), to ensure that the requirements of Section 7.1.5 «Resources for Monitoring and Measurement» are met, the requirement is established that all measuring equipment, as part of a measurement management system, must have metrological confirmation in accordance with the requirements of ISO 10012.

Metrological confirmation provides for the calibration and verification of measuring equipment.

Laboratory specialists who carry out metrological confirmation of measuring instruments, establish a relationship between the values of the values that provide the standards, and the result of measuring this quantity using measuring instruments (carry out calibration), based on this ratio establish the conformity / non-compliance of the measuring instruments with the established requirements (carry out verification) and draw up the corresponding supporting document.

After comparing the concepts of metrological confirmation and verification of measuring instruments, we can conclude that metrological confirmation (calibration and verification) of measuring equipment is essentially nothing more than verification of measuring instruments.

Metrological activities to ensure the uniformity of measurements in enterprises should comply with the requirements of ISO 10012: 2003. This standard establishes general requirements and contains recommendations for the management of measurement processes and metrological confirmation of the suitability of measuring equipment, which is used to maintain and demonstrate compliance with metrological requirements.

Compliance with the requirements set forth in the ISO 10012 standard makes it possible to ensure compliance with the measurement requirements and the management of measurement processes established by the international standards «Quality Management Systems».
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