Automated Unit for Magnetization of Strong Magnets of Electromagnetic Drives
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electromagnetic drives, magnetization, inductor, magnetic conductor, magnetic system, magnetization impulse, automated unit.

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Sirenko, M. M., Gorkunov, B. M., Lvov, S. G., & Lysenko, V. V. (2020). Automated Unit for Magnetization of Strong Magnets of Electromagnetic Drives. Metrology and Instruments, (2), 13-21.


The paper is about the development of an automated unit with optimum energy and mass-dimensional parameters for high-quality magnetization of magnets of electromagnetic drives, while preser­ving the integrity of their windings.

The authors develop an approach for calculating amplitude and width of magnetization pulse. The authors than estimate the rise time of leading edge of the pulse, with respect to conditions of complete magnetization of the electromagnetic drive’s magnetic conductor and preservation of its excitation winding integrity.

For the formation of the magnetization pulse with given para­me­ters, the authors propose an electronic device, which feedbacks bitween the drive winding and the pulse current source, which provides power to the inductor winding.

The authors propose a method of the inductor magnetic system synthesis by criteria of: given magnetic field strength in inductor’s operating volume; power supply unit minimal dimensions and it power consumption while magnetizing. The final result is obtaining cross-section profile of the inductor electrical coil with certain dimensions and number of winding’s turns of a wire of certain diameter.

In order to optimize the mass, size, magnetic and energy para­meters of the inductor, the authors solve a problem of synthesizing its magnetic system in way of calculating the parameters of the magnetic field for operating volume of the inductor. It is determined by the characteristic overall dimensions of the NZTB type electromagnetic drives (brakes, 0.2 m in diameter), which were subject to magnetization in a field with strength of at least 400 A/m. The result is the determination of geometrical parameters and the cross-section profile of the inductor electrical coil. This profile ensures the uniformity of the magnetic field when magnetizing the electromagnetic drive of given overall dimensions.

On the basis of all these results, the authors develop the functional scheme of the automated unit and propose a structure of a pa­nel for monitoring and management of devices and units involved.
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