Estimation of Factors that Affect the Metrological Characteristics of Target Flow Meters
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liquids, gases, flow rate, measuring, transducers, simulation, accuracy.

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Korobko, I. V., Pysarets, A. V., & Rak, A. M. (2020). Estimation of Factors that Affect the Metrological Characteristics of Target Flow Meters. Metrology and Instruments, (6), 27-34.


The article is devoted to the effective system crea­tion for recording liquids and gases flows. There is extremely relevant for creating metering units of fuel and energy resources.

The aim of the work is to determine the influence of the flowed body geometric configuration of the sensitive element and its orientation relative to the direction of the flow on the hydrodynamic flow meter metrological characteristics, as well as determining the instruments’ rational location in the technological line

Based on the example of the hydrodynamic class measuring transducers factors that have a significant impact on their metrological characteristics are determined, the degree of the transducers sensitivity to the measured medium flows asymmetry is revealed. The flows asymmetry is simulated by hydraulic resistan­ces of different spatial configurations (spatial elbow, elbow, double elbow, contraction, abrupt contraction). Simulation modeling of the operation of such devices is performed. Sensitive elements of different Gaussian curvatures such as zero (cylinder), positive (cone) and negative (hollow hemisphere) were studied.

The value of the registration result uncertainty depends on the flow asymmetry and the instrument spatial orientation relative to the vertical axis in the technological network. The obtained results make it possible to clearly determine the instrument installation place in the technological network under conditions of maximum accuracy and minimal impact on the measured medium. This allows effectively using transducers in places of the technological network, taking into account the specific conditions for the metering units creation. There is no ne­cessary to make straight pipeline sections before and after the instruments.

The researches results show that measuring instruments with flow bodies in the shape of a cone oriented the apex toward the flow are the best.
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