Approach to Evaluation of Quality of Medical Services
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evaluation, qualimetric method, quality of services, patient safety, regression dependence

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Burichenko, M., & Ivanets, O. (2019). Approach to Evaluation of Quality of Medical Services. Metrology and Instruments, (3), 41-45.


The method of estimation of quality of medical services on the basis of qualimetry depending on subjects of estimation is offered. Subjects evaluated are divided into three groups. For each group, quality indicators are defined that characterize the needs of each group. The evaluators comprise the needs of patients, the management of the medical institution and the state authorities. For each subject, a mathematical equation based on multiparametric regression is developed. The peculiarity of each equation is to take into account the factors influencing the quality of medical services of this particular group. Qualimetric method is used for quantitative assessment of the quality of medical services. The method is based on a set of multiparameter linear regression equations that allow to take into account and analyze the influence of various factors on the quality of medical services, depending on the subjects of evaluation. On the basis of processed statistics, the coefficients for each group were determined. We have checked each regression model for Fisher’s criterion adequacy. Proposed and tested model equations have become the basis for developing a methodology for assessing the quality of medical services. The proposed approach to the assessment of the quality of health services provides an opportunity to quantify the quality of the provision of medical services to consumers in a specific medical institution for different groups of subjects. But it can serve as a means of regulating the quality of healthcare provision by healthcare providers. The proposed approach allows identifying the risks that affect the quality of services. In the case of unsatisfactory quality of these services, based on the proposed approach, identify a group that does not meet the quality requirements and develop measures to address identified deficiencies as required by the international standard.
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